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Warm your feet – Underfloor heating explained


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Underfloor Heating

Our Clients had a non-negotiable when they approached Build Taupō to build a new home for them: “It must be warm!”


Living in the beautiful town of Taupō we completely understand, during a Taupō winter, morning temperatures can drop to as low as -3°C!
Along with a warm home, our client’s loved the idea of polished concrete floors – so we recommended underfloor heating, specifically Hydronic Underfloor Heating.

What is Hydronic Heating?

Hydronic heating is the technical name for water-based heating – a well-proven and effective method of uniformly warming the whole of your house or property, domestic or commercial, single or multi-storey dwelling.

The heated water moves quietly from the boiler along a system of plastic pipes, control valves and pumps, spreading the heat throughout the house via an underfloor slab. You can divide your house into several heating zones that can be heated at different times to different temperatures.

Underfloor heating is an ‘invisible’ heating system providing 60% radiant and 40% convected heat. It essentially turns the floor into a large heater sufficient to heat the entire room.

A well-designed underfloor heating system working efficiently enables low temperature and eco-friendly heat sources to perform at their best and reduce carbon emissions. Once up and running, it is virtually maintenance-free!

For this specific build, Advanced Plumbing Taupō, designed and specified an underfloor system with options for both a Diesel and Gas Boiler with comprehensive plans and specifications. Our client’s were happy with the finished result, warm feet guaranteed on a cold Taupō morning!

Don’t get cold feet when deciding on underfloor heating. Hydronic underfloor heating will transform your living space, making it warmer and more comfortable. Chat to Build Taupō today to see how we can help incorporate the perfect underfloor heating system for you.

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